Understanding And Overcoming Insomnia

There are a great many genuine insomniacs, but there are many others who are only imaginary insomniacs. Insomnia is inability to sleep sufficiently soundly or enough hours to recuperate the energy that is lost during the day. There are many people who imagine they do not sleep enough, though there are many who would be better physically, nervously and otherwise if they would get more refreshing sleep.

It is possible to have less sleep than is recognized as normal, for many months or even for years, without any great reduction of general vigor. However, as a rule if the loss of sleep is considerable there will come a breaking point. It is not the number of hours that one spends in the unconsciousness of sleep that is so important, but the depth of sleep - the completeness of the unconsciousness. Much depends also upon one's relaxation during sleep. The more complete this is, the more complete is likely to be the recuperation. A great many people have a general tension throughout t…